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We are making some changes at the moment to the site, please bear with us while we work. Contact email: info@dragonstarot.com

We offer a selection of Tarot and Angel Card Readings, as well as modular Distance Learning Courses. We also have a large Shop area where carefully selected Card Decks and Books are available to purchase.

All of our Tarot and Angel readings are prepared for you personally, from the cards as they fall in your chosen spread. I do not seek to tell fortunes or to predict the future but rather to guide you in seeking a snapshot of the bigger picture of your life and path. I offer a range of readings starting with a 3 card reading at just £10. You may choose the deck with which I prepare your reading and the number of cards that I use.

Our courses are written with the intention that you will be able to follow them at home, and we provide tutor support by email and chat room if needed. All of our modular courses attract a Certificate awarded upon satisfactory completion.

Please read my Code of Conduct before you request your reading. In submitting a request you are indicating that you have accepted this document.




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