Tarot Decks


Osho Zen Tarot

This is a tarot deck with 79 cards, the traditional four suits and Major Arcana and a 23rd Card representing the Zen Master.
The images are very non-traditional, having an Oriental flavour. I find this deck gives messages that are often very blunt but delivered in a gentle and sympathetic way. This is the deck I use for personal readings and on a daily basis for readings for others too.


Shape Shifter Tarot

This is a Deck of 81 cards, again the traditional Minor Arcana and with three extra cards in the Major.
These cards depict the shape-shifting qualities of humans interacting with the natural world and showing the qualities that we can share with our animal brothers and sisters. The readings with this deck are wonderful if you are in a transformational time, showing the way forward on your path with clarity.



Druid Craft Tarot

This deck is a traditional deck of 78 cards, which shares the druidic traditions with those of the pagan path. The images are often Celtic in nature and are strongly symbolic.
Readings given with this deck are especially good for those of you who would like to see the effects of the past on your here and now.



Gilded Tarot

This is the closest to the traditional Rider Waite Deck. The images are strong and colourful and tend to give a kick in the pants where needed, but they are also excellent for readings when you would like to get a feel for things that are happening around you and how they affect others too.



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